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  • Couverture Telerama sortir Décembre 2009

    13/02/2010 47825 visites


    Couverture du suppément Telerama Sortir, décembre 2009.

  • Affiche tournée Nigeria de Nneka

    13/02/2010 63830 visites


    More than at any other time in her adult life, Nneka has reason to give people the benefit of the doubt. Born and raised in Nigeria, she moved to Hamburg, Germany, where her biological mother lives, at the age of 18 to seek a degree in anthropology. While studying humanity, she was occasionally on the receiving end of a bitter dose of it, and struggled with her bi-racial identity as a light-skinned African woman.

    "Germany taught me a lot about myself in the sense of coming all the way from Africa and then being there in Germany all by myself," she says. "Life was not a bed of roses."

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